Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tapering and other nonsense

I'll start right off by saying that that will be no advice about tapering in this post. None. So consider yourself warned.  If you wanted some tapering and carbo-loading advice, pick up the latest issue of Runners World, it has some great info.

Once last week's 22 was in the bag, my taper officially began. Thus far, I am pretty displeased. Mostly because the extent of my running is limited by circumstances beyond my control, also known as the leg pain that won't die.  After resting for a couple of days after the 22 I headed out for what I hoped would be a gentle 5.  What it turned out to be was a limp-inducing, curse-filled run/walk 3. My body is just run down. I didn't run again during the week until yesterday, long run Saturday.  The set mileage was 14 but after talking to my coach he suggested I keep it to 10. A simple out and back route, I was able to run 5 to the water stop, refuel, stretch, rest, and then run the final 5 back to my car.  It wasn't too bad, actually. Most of the problems I experienced were preventable, aka I wasn't hydrated enough before I started and I didn't leave enough time in the morning to stretch and foam-roll before hitting the road.

I am definitely feeling it today, but some Aleve and a compression sock are helping.  I planned to rest today and try a short 3 tomorrow after work. It hasn't been a lazy Sunday by any means, on my feet all day doing laundry and other domestic goddess duties. This weekend has gone by so fast.  I knew it would, and I even made a to-do list to make sure I made the most of the time. The good news is that the list got done, the bad news is that nothing fun was on it.  Running, errands, the library, cleaning, reading for work, etc.  Ah, work.  That which is paying me so much more money and yet already sucking my life force. It has been two weeks in the new job and while I'm definitely learning a lot it is too soon to say whether I'll really be happy doing it. I haven't really gotten a chance to do my "job" yet because of all this training and reading. That should be changing pretty soon, as I went from zero to three clients on Friday afternoon alone. I'm excited to have clients but really nervous that I won't be able to deliver on my responsibilities. Confidence fail. I don't like not knowing how to do things and I don't like not being good at something new right away.

The job has also eaten into my running and studying time, but I'm hoping that will change soon.  In reality, it won't, but I only need to tough it out two more weeks.  Once the marathon is over I'll have one less thing on my plate.  My classwork is definitely paying the price, and I don't plan on having the same satisfactory results as my summer class. Work/life balance indeed. If things progress as I am hoping with work (settling in and being awesome) I don't think I'll take another class in January. It will be good for the wallet and my sanity.  Plus I need to focus on what still needs to be done to get officially admitted into the program. Hello again, GRE. I also know running will still be a large part of my life, I'm already signed up for two half-marathons in early 2012. Go big or go home, right? I'll wrap this up for now, and hope that I'll be able to post during the week some time.  I haven't tried to access Blogger from my new job yet, in the event that it violates their internet usage policy or something. Ya never know with these corporate types.

I miss reading all your blogs, I hope I can catch up soon. I know some of you have completed your first marathon or nailed a PR in the past few weeks.  I'm super proud and inspired, even if I haven't stopped by to say so in person. I also miss your comments, and I'm feeling a little wounded that my absence appears to have gone unnoticed. Self-absorbed, much? I'm going to wrap up the night with a hot bath, some red wine, and the Sunday night football game.  Take care of yourselves!


  1. Definitely missed your posts, been checking everyday. Keep plugging along and you'll get used to the new routine. Rest up so you can kick MCM butt!

  2. I have been missing you too! Enjoy your wine and bath! I am all out of wine so savor it for me too!