Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Things Tuesday

1. I'm feeling pretty good today, actually. I got a lot of sleep last night, but I didn't do any stretching or foam rolling as I should have. I did learn one lesson today. My legs were not ready to spend the day in heels. It didn't seem like the worst idea when I was rushing out the door this morning, until I started down the steps and my gored-up big toe smashed into the front of the shoe and my calves groaned in unison.  I've been cursing myself since. If only flip flops were acceptable work footwear.

2. Fire drills are cruel and unusual punishment. Not all the time, just two days after a marathon. Obviously the elevators are out of service, so six flights of stairs down and then another six flights back up. In the aforementioned heels. Curses!

3. Official race pictures are appearing on the Marathon website. I took a quick peek this morning and it looks like there will be a few keepers.  I am not technically skilled enough to know how to snake them off the website to include here. My sister took a lot of pictures during the race, so I'll be asking her to email them to me for use in my official race recap. Since it was my first marathon I will be sucking it up and spending too much to own a few of the pictures. Still on the hunt for the perfect medal display, though.

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