Friday, December 9, 2011

A friday blogger survey

Thanks, Vanessa, for kicking this off! 

How often do you update your blog? It used to be every day, back when I was in the middle of marathon training and not working a job that tracked my time down to the second. Now I'm training less, feeling a bit introverted, and under a time crunch at the office.

How long do you spend writing each post? It depends on the topic and if I'm including pictures. Sometimes just 10-15 minutes, sometimes almost an hour as I read, re-read, and re-read again.

How long do you spend reading blogs each day? Not as much as I used to honestly, and through no fault of the bloggers I love to read. I have less time and sometimes when my own training is suffering it can be difficult to read about others' races and workouts without getting down on myself.

What other social media sites do you use? Facebook. I have a Twitter account but I don't use it.

What is the first blog you started reading? Shut Up and Run. If you don't read her yet, you're a freak. Seriously.

How do you read blogs? Phone/iPad, dashboard, Google Reader...? Nothing too fancy, I stick to clicking on them through my Dashboard.

How many blogs do you follow? Can't say as I've ever counted, but I read and frequently comment on somewhere around 20.

You're on a week-long vacation. Do you a) pre-set posts for the time you're away, b) blog every day on vacation, or c) organize guest posts in advance? None of the above, actually. So far I've only done one mini-vacation while this blog has been in existence and I just let it go for a few days. If I was going somewhere amazing for at least a week, I think a blog or two of pictures would have to make an appearance.

Have you made money off of your blog? Nope. Every once in a while I consider monetizing it but I honestly have no clue what that entails. That, and I don't think I'm popular enough yet to do so.

Would you quite your job to be a full-time blogger, if it meant cutting your salary in half? Hell to the no. I've tried to live off that amount before and it just doesn't work. I like having a roof over my head and an half-empty fridge in the kitchen. 

Feel free to answer these yourself in comments below or report on your own blog.  If you have another question you'd like to ask, go for it!  I love answering questions!


  1. So glad you played along! I love SUAR too, that was one of the first blogs I read!

  2. Hey thanks for the shout out!!

    This is a fun series of questions...loved reading your answers!