Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A run and a new talent

Happy Tuesday everyone! I broke down and finally dragged my butt to the gym last night. I'd been avoiding running since the 15k and it was about time I did something about it. I don't know what it is that has me feeling like I don't want to run but I'm sick of it. My pants feel tight, my self-esteem is low, and I'm generally a less pleasant person to be around. I managed a paltry three miles before I'd had enough. It was exactly how someone would expect to feel if they'd essentially taken an entire month or more off of running and then started again without any kind of stretching or warmup. I arrived at the gym hungry, tired, and in a hurry to get home so any practical warming up seemed like a waste of time.

I discovered two things while I ran last night.  One, if a bruise is deep enough and about the size of a grapefruit, it will throb while you run with it.  Exhibit A:
No, I don't even have a good story for how I got it. Just a typical Saturday night with the band. Compared to previous outings, this one is pretty mild. Discovery number two? I can text and run at the same time!  The touch screen on my phone makes it a little iffy, but because it opens to a full keyboard I was able to have a conversation for most of my run. I probably looked ridiculous but I really needed the distraction and I didn't fall off the back of the machine. I call that a victory.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up some stuff to restock my runners pantry. My eating has been far from ideal, same as my running, and I find that while they can both be hard to get under control they are also intricately related. Nothing fancy, really. Just some staples to get me through the week. Cottage cheese, yogurt, granola, nuts, salad fixings and a few lunches for work. If I manage to get myself into a groove again I might try and participate in WIAW. At the very least it will keep me honest one day a week, provided I remember to take the pictures. 

When you fall off the wagon with training or nutrition, what sorts of things work for you to get back on track? I can be pretty hard on myself but I'm working on it. I was really down about only being able to manage 3 miles last night but in reality that was a small victory. Getting to the gym again tonight would be another victory. I don't want to implement any kind of rewards system for myself, as I'm already a compulsive shopper but I definitely need some kind of motivation to keep forging ahead. I didn't get picked in the lottery for the 10 miler I wanted to race next April, so I don't have any goal races to train for until May. With these cold temperatures it can be so easy to bag a workout in favor of the couch and some hot cocoa.

Coming soon, a few product reviews (anyone in the market for a new sports bra?) and the prospect of making peace during the holiday season.  Happy running, friends!


  1. Yay nice job with the 3 miles!!! You need to be proud of yourself and celebrate every small victory. This time of year can be very depressing and hard to stay on track with the Holidays. Just do you best to keep moving forward and stay positive.

    The best motivation for me is usually reading blogs, and watching my body change as I fuel it properly and add weight lifting to my routine.

    Best of luck girl! You got this!

  2. eeks, you're going to end up with more bruises if you keep texting and running!! Be careful!

    Nice job getting out there, though. Getting back in the habit is the hardest part!