Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger fail

Right now it looks like Wednesday's post is totally lost.  Awesome.  And the saved draft only has two lines. Hope that gets fixed damn skippy.  The following was supposed to go up yesterday afternoon, enjoy:

Did my last run before the half Sunday, an easy 3.25 miles around my office.  Aside from Sunday's run it was probably the best of the week.  I still felt tight, but I also don't have time to stretch or do anything else before or after my workday runs.  I barely have time to shower and get back to my desk.  I'm packing my foam roller for the weekend so I can put it to good use Saturday night and Sunday morning.  I tried out a new pair of sunglasses today, courtesy of the superfast shipping at RoadRunner Sports.  My ancient pair of $5 Old Navy shades fell apart last week and sent me into a panic.  No way could I run the half without a pair of shades.  I'm not going to squint for 13 miles, thanks. And there is now rain in the forecast, grrr.

I'm cheap as all hell and was not thrilled with the idea of having to shell out for an actual pair of running sunglasses, hence my purchase of the cheapest well-reviewed pair online.  They showed up at work today, 48 hours after I placed the order (thanks RRS!) and I'm pretty happy with them.  They are superlight, which is always nice but can also make you think they might be a little cheap.  They fit snugly to my face and the lens are fairly small, just covering your general eye area and nothing else.  On a windy day I might be concerned about dirt, but for most of my runs I think they will do the trick.  They also have a soft rubbery nosepiece which fits really nicely.  I usually have to nudge glasses back up my nose a few times on a run but not today. I did it a few times out of habit but the glasses hadn't actually moved.  

Do any of you have examples of cheap but awesome running gear finds?  Any last minute packing reminders? Tidbits of advice for pre-race evening and race morning? I'll leave you with a picture of me in the new shades since I know you must be dying to see them.  Ignore the messy desk and atrocious post-run hair. 


  1. Yes, I was so bummed to see my posts gone. Especially my recent giveaway since I spent some time writing that one. Writing with 3 kids (something thoughtful and not just rambling) is a process. ;) Hopefully they will come back.

    Target usually has inexpensive running stuff that is perfectly fine! ;) Nice to find your blog.

  2. Yeah, I've gotten some good Champion stuff at Target. I don't know how you can blog with three kids, more power to you. Having just started this I feel like I'm on it all day and my only kids are cats!

  3. Glasses look great, too bad it's gonna rain. Maybe you should wear them anyway to keep th rain out of your eyes. :) Don't forget your running shoes, those are the most important item. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!