Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unexpected smiles day

One good thing at the end of a long day can really make the difference.  In my case, it turned out to be 3 good things.  A morning doctor's appointment followed by another mediocre work day didn't do much for my mood.  And because I took two hours off work for my appointment I didn't feel right using my lunch hour to run.  Luckily, a scheduled dinner with one of my Top 5 and a few surprises in the mail when I got home afterwards really turned things around.  Dearest Jen and I hit up Maoz for dinner.  Salad and falafel loves rejoice!  Neither of us had been there before and it was delicious.  Of course I am already somewhat partial to an all-veg restaurant before I walk in the door, but I also think that means I set the bar a little higher as well.  It did not disappoint.  Five freshly made falafel on top of a bed of lettuce with feta and avocado.  Then had to the salad bar and top it off with whatever you want, which in my case was a chickpea salad, a cucumber and tomato salad, some tabbouleh, and a cilantro dressing.  Add a freshly squeezed blend of carrot and apple juices and you've got yourself dinner in heaven.  There were no survivors.  You would think after such a great meal that we'd waddle on to the subway and head home.  We almost made it too, until we came across this little miracle next door to the metro station entrance.  Self serve?  Endless toppings?  Why yes, in the interest of dessert science we must make a sacrifice.  One giant bowl of chocolate and strawberry yogurt with strawberries, oeros, and reeses peanut butter cups later....

Fat and happy at home.  I can't say I'm looking forward to recording these indulgences in my food log tomorrow morning, esp since the exercise notation will read OFF.  But the laughs and catching up with a dear friend are more than worth it.  Does anyone else find themselves coming off the diet rails a little bit on your days off?  Do you beat yourself up over it or just keep calm and carry on?  I know I'll be kicking myself for a few days, honestly.  And I might force an extra run into the mix for good measure. Once home, the good things kept coming.  Yoga Journal was in my mailbox along with a card from another Top 5, Riss. She was in town from NC last weekend and we ate our way across the DC metro area.  Oops.  Again, totally worth it, even the awful 10 miles I slogged through the Sunday morning after.  Lastly, this shiny little piece of awesome was also waiting in my mailbox.
Huzzah!  Now I know that there are runners out there who think they give medals for just about anything these days.  And yes, I think medals at a 5k are a little silly.  But ten miles?  Gimme.  This was my first big race since turning 30 and going through a few other crises that shall not be named. I beat my previous time, and I didn't walk.  It was another race where I didn't train as good as I could have.  And one of these days it will catch up to me.  But on Cherry Blossom Sunday, it didn't.  And that did so much for my confidence, I can't begin to tell you.  Hopefully it won't catch up with me at the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run 1/2 Marathon coming up in 9 days either.  Are you listening, running gods?  At any rate, this bit of shiny put a much needed smile on my face.  We all deserve that, don't we?  A tall glass of water, the final chapter of Born To Run, and a bed are in my immediate future, friends.  Take care of you.


  1. I LOVE the blog! Can't wait to read more. Dinner, dessert, and catching up was so much fun. It's your pick next week so start thinking of where we should indulge. I was off to a healthy start today, until one of my co-workers received Georgetown Cupcake for her birthday and I just had to have one. Sigh.

  2. Spanks :) I think I'm free Monday-Wednesday next week, unless the band has practice Tuesday night. No Georgetown Cupcake for me, but I am going out to see that show tonight, so there will probably be beer. We need to run together soon, if you can manage to slow the hell down :)

  3. You'll get another pretty next week and a well deserved one at that!