Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot run in the summertime...  What a suckfest.  4.2 miles of poop.  My body just isn't ready for the DC heat yet.  I know I'll eventually adjust (read: vaguely tolerate) but for now it is just misery.  I bagged my run yesterday and I'm totally regretting it.  The weather was much nicer, more forgiving.  There were definitely parts of my route that I walked, I'm not gonna lie.  Pausing at crosswalks became walking the crosswalk became walking a block.  I eventually made it back to the office and went straight into the little deli across the street because I was in dire need of hydration and lunch.  I wish I'd had my phone on me to get a picture of the look on the shopkeeper's face when I stumbled in.  I'm sure the words "hot mess" don't even begin to cover it.  This was me after stopping to grab food and I still have a red face and the crazy eyes.  I tried several times for a better pic of how red and sweaty I was but my hands were shaking too bad to get one that wasn't blurry.
Post-shower and back at my desk, I still feel myself sweating through my shirt.  Ew.  Welcome to summer, I guess.  Despite my urge to buy ice cream bars and potato chips, I did manage to throw together a decent and overpriced lunch.  Salad and fresh fruit, a vitamin water, greek yogurt, and a diet ginger ale for later.  Not throwing a bag of Doritos into the mix was really hard. I love salt so much.
I will say this, nothing tastes better after a really hot run then a fresh bite of strawberry or watermelon. YUM! Aside from finishing out the work day, I just plan on going home and getting ready for the long weekend.  Can't wait to get out of the DC area for a few days and regroup.  With any luck I'll be able to get at least one run in while I'm gone. Its a totally new area for me but I'm hoping I can head out and not get run over or lost.  I wish I'd tried to find a 5k or something in the area, that would have been what a smart runner would do. Drat.   Maybe, just maybe, I can get myself up tomorrow before work and get a run in then.  I do not want to wait until I get to work and have another repeat of today.

Has anyone else gotten in a workout yet today?  How did it go?  Do you have anything planned for the holiday weekend?


  1. No workout today. Planning a longer run tomorrow in the 80 degree weather on some WV hills if the severe weather doesn't get in the way. Proud of you for getting out there despite the heat! Your lunch looks wonderful!

  2. Salads taste so much better when it's hot out!
    Great job on the run even in the heat!