Monday, May 23, 2011

What "trying" looks like

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your weekend was great! I forgot my running shoes at home today so no lunchtime run for me. I was annoyed that I'd have to run in the heat and humidity when I got home, making my day that much longer and going to bed that much later.  However, the forecast was rain so I decided I'd just print out the strength training workout that my trainer gave me and head to the gym.  Ya know, to actually TRY.  Instead of hating on all the girls whose bodies I secretly want I decided I might try what they do to look that way.  Just once. 

5 minute warm up on stationary bike
2 sets of 12 incline dumbbell flys
2 sets of 12 wide-grip pulldowns
2 sets of 12 leg extensions
2 sets of 12 seated leg curls
2 sets of 12 dumbbell hammer curls
2 sets of 12 dumbbell lateral raises
2 sets of 12 single-arm dumbbell extensions
2 sets of 20 seated calf raises
2 sets of 20 full sit-ups
"cardio workout" was suggested next, so I did 3 miles on the treadmill at 29:19.  I was tired when I started so I'm glad that I saw it through the whole run.  And I know I need to get used to running on tired legs, much more tired legs then what I had today.  So I'm proud of myself.  I stopped at the library on my way home to pick up my latest installment of "read everything I can about running," Joan Samuelson's Running for Women.
Me in my sweaty glory.  Be kind and tell me you can't see the obvious waistline-to-crotch sweat stain.  We all get them though, right? RIGHT?  Good.  I got home just before 9 tonight and started writing this while I make dinner.  Pasta with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and a little parm.
I'll be getting to bed later than I wanted to tonight, which means I'll probably get up later tomorrow morning too.  I have two doctors appointments in the morning before work, and band practice after work.  Another long day and since I'm missing work for the doctor I don't get to go for a run during lunch.  I either take the day off or get up early tomorrow morning and hit the gym again.  Oy. I don't think I'm ready for two gym workouts in 12 hours.  I did pick up a class schedule on my way out of the gym, going to hang it on the fridge and see where I can fit one into my schedule.  All the classes are free (aka included in monthly fee) so I would like to make the most of it.  The only bummer to the evening was losing my parking ticket in the gym somewhere and having to pay the $10 lost ticket fee to get out of the garage. GAH!  My bad, lesson learned.

So, I'm trying to read everything I can on running these days.  Kara Goucher was my first choice, of course, and then it was Born to Run and Bart Yasso's My Life On The Run.  I picked up Joan's book tonight and I have three more on hold coming from other branches.  The Complete Book of Women's Running, Mile Markers, and Running on Empty.  Knowledge is power and I want to feel like I've read everything I could to prep for marathon.  Do you have any book suggestions, both inspirational and training-oriented?   How was your Monday?  Any training goals for the week?  Time for a quick shower and off to bed!


  1. wow! good job on your workout...especially such an intense one after a long day. NO WORRIES... I sweat a TON.

    Have you read The Long Run??? SO GOOD.

  2. What a great work out today! That sucks about the parking fee. Outrageous.

    My Monday was good. I got to work out like I wanted to. My training goals are to make sure I run 3 times this week. But we shall see. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Awesome job on the workout! That is amazing that you pushed yourself so hard and I am really proud of you.

    Your dinner looks yummy! I can't ever seem to get enough past. :) Have a wonderful week.

  4. The Long Run is great! I've been passing my copy around to some friends.

    Mmm pasta is great. I don't make too often because I can eat so much in one sitting. I was good last night and used a measuring cup for a change .

  5. You kicked my ass in the gym! I've found that when I cross train, my legs stay fresher longer. I use the elliptical every other day and sacrifice my miles. I no longer have joint or muscle pain. As to the sweat, welcome to the club. At least it's not as bad as my hubby.