Thursday, May 19, 2011

Off Day = Fun Day

Ok so it wasn't really a full rest day but yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure for finishing the half over the weekend . Picked a bright color too, since I don't usually get my toes done.  Too bad I'm covering them up with cute black pumps today.
What else does a girl do on a rest day to feel taken care of?  Buy shoes, of course.  No, I didn't need them.  But they were $45, on sale for $25.  And then the site offered an additional 25% off the sale price with free shipping so the choice was obvious. Cute, right?!

Today isn't totally a rest day either, honestly.  I'll be doing an hour or so of yoga during my lunch hour.  Probably a decent butt-kicking from Shiva Rea.  I'm hoping it will get out the remaining kinks from the weekend.  The spoiling will continue tomorrow as I'll be using my running lunch hour to get an eyebrow wax and haircut instead.  Both are long overdue.  Saturday will have a long bike ride before my gig, so the week won't be a total workout wash. 

Disclaimer: I'm not usually this spendy on personal treats, most of my portfolio is tied up in food and shelter. It just happens that all this "once every six months or so" stuff came together at the same time with good prices. Perfect storm of pampering! My credit card company will be so happy.  Have you treated yourself to something nice lately?  Are you using a reward as motivation right now for a future goal? 


  1. wow what a great deal on the shoes! this blog reminds me of how much I need to get a pedi. lol. I think I am going to treat myself to a pedi this week and maybe a massage.

  2. Nice shoes! I haven't had a pedicure since my wedding...10 months ago! AAAhhh! Seriously need to get on that!
    I buy something nice every once in a while as a reward or a treat. Yesterday I bought a running top for my race. It's been a year since I bought running clothes, so it was due!

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed your day off! You totally deserved it and those shoes are adorable.