Saturday, September 3, 2011

14 miles of suck

Ok, so it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great either.  I think it was a combination of factors, really, that caused this long run to be difficult.  For starters, I only ran one other time during the week.  I was too busy being an idiot, as previous posts will attest. Despite knowing better I decided to not be a hermit on Friday night and went to the Nationals-Mets game last night, not getting home until after 11.  Considering I'm usually in bed by 9, this was less than ideal.  When the alarm went off 5 hours later I seriously entertained the thought of skipping the run.  I am running a half marathon next week, I reasoned, so technically I should take it easy.  Not really the truth, but it was what I was telling myself.  I also just wasn't in it mentally from the beginning.  I was feeling sad and distracted, the last thing I wanted to do was have over two hours of time on my feet to brood about what was bothering me.  As the miles went on, it didn't really get easier.  I did have my usual company, which I always appreciate.  We chatted about our weeks, mine being a personal mess and hers spent getting her kids ready to go back to school.

Our pace wasn't great compared to the previous long runs I'd be banking, but I felt like there was nothing I could do about it.  No amount of gel, water, Nuun, and good vibes was going to change my running experience today. From time to time I invite a friend or two to join me as mental company on my long runs.  I tried that today, as it usually brings a smile to my face but no dice. The one thing I can say that was positive about this run was that I had a foundation to rely on that got me through the entire distance. I don't think I could have muscled out 14 miles without having a solid base. Once again it was also made clear to me that I am overdue for new shoes.  I just don't have $100 right now to spend on them, but with 7 weeks left until the big day I can't wait much longer.  Hello, credit card. Again. 

Hasn't been the most productive day by a long shot.  I moped on the way home, ate some cereal, and crawled back into bed for a 6 hour nap. If it weren't for the fact that it was 5:30 pm when I woke up, I would have kept sleeping.  I just wasn't feeling like being human today.  I did force myself out the door for a quick grocery run, as things were looking pretty dire in the kitchen, but beyond that I'm most proud of getting my ass in the shower tonight.  That might just be the highlight of my day.  I've got baseball on the tv, and a cold beer in hand right now.  A few more of those and a movie should round out my night.  Tomorrow is a new day and I hope I'm in a better state of mind.  I don't really have any plans for this long weekend.  There are a few chances to see friends at various barbecues but I'm honestly not sure I'm up for it.  I suppose I can slap a smile on and go out for a little while, it certainly won't kill me.  Fake it until you make it, right?  I'm sure I'll snap out of this soon, given the right motivation.

Did anyone else have a long run or race today? Are you doing anything fun for the long weekend?  Are you excited that my birthday is in just 22 days??!!!

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  1. sorry to hear about your your mindset though. tomorrow is definitely a new to wake up with a fresh new start! and there will be another chance to to run and there will be another good run! yay for birthdays!!!!!!