Monday, September 26, 2011

An alphabet game!

This is officially my 100th post and I can't believe it came so fast. It doesn't seem that long ago that I started this thing, hoping that maybe my mom would read it. Now I've got 36 bad-ass followers! And my mom still doesn't read it. I don't have anything particularly special to write about today, as usual life seems to be getting in the way of doing more well-thought out or nuanced posts. I thought I'd do the usual weekend wrap up, but in a (hopefully) fun style. Thanks for being with me this long!

A is for Aleve. It kept my leg pain at bay all weekend.
B is for Birthday!  I had a great one!
C is for Cake. No birthday is complete without one, baked by Mom.
D is for Dad. My biggest fan and best sports buddy.
E is for Eating. All my favorite foods have been or will shortly be devoured.
F is for Football. The Giants beat the Eagles on my birthday! Awesome!
G is for Gig. We had a great turnout, it was so fun playing for friends and family.
H is for Hangover. Great birthday eve. See S for more details.
I is for Indian food, my delicious birthday dinner.
J is for Jen, my dear friend and hot birthday dinner date.
K is for Keycard. The one for my new job arrived with UPS on Friday night.
L is for Layla, my new best friend!
M is for Mom, the source of my talent and my fiercest ally.
N is for Nap. I didn't get one after my run but took two short ones yesterday post-party.
O is for Overachiever. I think I've come so far this year and taken on so much!
P is for Presents. I received so many great ones, thank you!
Q is for Quilt. My newest possession, handmade by mom from my race t-shirts!
R is for Running. 14 miles on Saturday, pain and all.
S is for Shots. Might have had a few too many on Saturday night.
T is for Tambourine. Also known as the source of massive bruises. Pics available.
U is for Underestimated, how much I can take on and how much I am loved.
V is for Vintage 51. Site of the birthday celebration.
W is for Weather. It came together for a beautiful, albeit humid, weekend.
X is for X. As in I got nothing for this one. Xhausted. Xcited. Xilerated.
Y is for Yankees. My boys brought it to the Red Sox this weekend.
Z is for Zzzzs. I didn't get enough of them this weekend, but it was totally worth it.

Giveaway coming soon!  Do your best to help me get to 50 followers, I will be making it worth the effort! Thanks to everyone who helped make my 31st birthday special!.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! Wish we could have been there. Maybe the next time you're at Vintage 51, we'll come down.