Thursday, September 22, 2011

triple tangent thursday

1. No run yesterday.  And it doesn't look like I will be running today either, purely due to scheduling issues.  I now notice the trouble area when I walk, although it is more of a "hmm, that is an interesting sensation" than the "ow, shit, wtf" that I experienced during my run on Tuesday. I plan to run tomorrow, regardless, because this is already turning into a regrettably low mileage week and I can't afford to make it worse. Two short runs earlier in the week are not going to be enough to get me through my LSD Saturday, no sir. At best, I'll end up with 26 miles this week. NOT GOOD.  Please don't tell George or Tuan. At this point in training, I should be topping out near 40. I know.

2. My birthday. You're tired of hearing about it. You are just three days away from never hearing about it again. My parents arrive tomorrow afternoon and I'm really excited. Aside from the church choir, I don't think they've watched me perform before. I hope to make them proud. Thus far, birthday weekend kicks off with a 14 mile LSD Saturday morning. The rest of the morning/afternoon will be pretty free, just kicking back with the folks and then getting all pretty for my gig. As I've mentioned a million times already, Saturday night is the main event. Vintage 51. Be there. Sunday is my official birthday. I'll be sleeping in, for sure. Hoping to watch the Giants game with my Dad, then dinner out at this great Indian place followed by cake. Must have cake. Going to be a pretty low key day, but at my age that is just fine.  Not sure this old heart can take too much excitement....

3. Giveaways. Everyone loves them. I want to do another one. I did my first and only one as a way to celebrate hitting 20 followers.  This time I'm just 4 people away from 40! Now, I'm trying to decide if I should make it easy and reward you lovely kids with a giveaway when I hit 40, or if I should make you work for it a bit and wait until you tell your friends so I can hit 50. 50 does sound really appealing, honestly. Let me know what you think I should do! I won't make you wait to find out what the giveaway is, though.  I'm not totally heartless. When I hit the desired number of followers, you will have the chance to win your favorite mid-run fuel of choice. Yup, you tell me what you love and I'll give it to you.  It could be a 24 pack of Gu, a 4 pack of Nuun tubes, etc etc. Bottom line, depending on the desired item, your winnings will retail for about $20-$30. As someone who has gone through Gu like a maniac this training season, I know how much free fuel would help me and my wallet out.  Let me know in comments if you think I should shoot for 50 followers or cave when I hit 40. : )


  1. Go for 50! You can do it!

    ps Happy Almost Birthday!

  2. Go for 50! I'll even get Andy to follow your blog.