Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

That's right, kids.  No picture today, just more verbal diarrhea from me.  After yesterday's post I headed out for another four mile run and while the pace was fantastic, I did have some issues.  More specifically, I had pain.  The dreaded P word. In my left ankle and radiating up my calf. It wasn't enough to make me slow down or stop but it definitely altered my gait. There was a bit of limping each time I had to stop and restart at an intersection until I settled back into a groove. I've never had an issue in that area before so I'm not sure what the cause might be. I'm not running at work today, as I usually head out on a local trail on Wednesday nights. I'm not sure if I should take today off entirely or not. MCM is 5 weeks away and now is the time to really be ramping up the intensity before it comes time to taper.  Advice, anyone?

On a completed unrelated note, there are only 4 days until my birthday and it looks like Saturday night is shaping up to be quite an interesting experience! An Evite has been sent far and wide, and posted on Facebook. If you are in the DC-VA area and reading this blog, consider yourself invited as well.  The place is Vintage 51 in Chantilly, VA. I'll be getting there at 7 to set up gear and have a few pre-gig drinks. The band goes on between 8:30 and 9:00, we'll be playing until at least midnight. You obviously don't need to stay the whole time, but consider coming to check us out and help me celebrate!

Ok fine, you win, here's a picture. Appropriate because it is cute and because I am busy packing up my cubicle at work.

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  1. Oh no! I hope it is pre-taper fluke! If pain starts to alter your gait, then you should stop running! That can only lead to injury. If it continues, stick to aquajogging. You've put in great work and will be able to maintain that fitness in the pool. Good luck!!!