Monday, August 22, 2011

A little Monday mush

Happy Monday, everyone.  I hope you're at least partially recovered from whatever weekend shenanigans you got into. Don't go working too hard today.  Ease into it, there are four more days just like this one to get things done on that to do list. Sometimes just showing up is enough! Are these words of wisdom any indication of how productive I have been today? Yes. At any rate, I just got back in from a late lunch hour run.  Four miles without a watch, 83 degrees and breezy.  My legs felt really good, 48 hours after having run 18 miles.  My calves were being their usual stiff selves. I think if I'd worn my compression sleeves I would have avoided that problem. It was with much sadness that I took them off yesterday before heading out for drinks and band practice. The purple just didn't go with the denim shorts and orange tank top.

Last week was my second week in a row of 30+ miles and I feel really good about it. My body seems to be handing it well too. I've never had a 30+ mile week before in my life. Looking back on how I felt about the marathon before training started, I've come a long way. Not just in miles, but mentally. My mental game is my biggest weakness and I feel it getting stronger with every mile I bank. Through books, blogs, and my own creative thinking I've learned so many ways to stay motivated and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I honestly can't believe I did 18 miles this weekend.  I look at the picture of the Garmin and it doesn't seem real.  I'm so grateful for all the support and kind words that I have gotten from friends, family, and blog followers (some of you being a little of all three!).  I feel like I have this incredible team with me on every run, and it is the love and pride I feel from you that keeps me going when the miles get tough. I don't generally say that I am proud of myself; I don't know how to accept that feeling without also feeling selfish or boastful. But right now, thanks in large part to my team, I can say that I am proud without regret. I know there are many miles left to go before the race but I am not afraid anymore. I never thought I'd be able to say that, either. I don't know what I expected to get out of this blog and this training adventure, but it has been amazing.

I'd really like to hear what you've learned about yourself through your training experiences, as it relates to running or just to life in general. Running is a great metaphor for so many other parts of life.  Also, did you race this weekend? Did you eat, sleep, laugh, and dream this weekend?  I hope so and I can't wait to read all about it! Much love!

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  1. Marathon training is SO mental. I've come to learn that the attitude I have going into a run (especially a long run or speed work) pretty much determines the outcome.
    And you should certainly be proud of yourself! :)