Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1.  I'm in a funk.  And it doesn't look good on me.
2. The weather seems like it might be getting its act together for 16 miles tomorrow. At least one thing will go right.
3. I've been home from FL for 3 days and still haven't unpacked.  Typical.
4. My happy weight and I are going to be reacquainted, come hell or high water.
5. I got an A in my grad class :)
6. I try not to use the same password for every banking, loan, or credit card website that I have.  As a result I constantly mix them up or forget them, causing the account to lock up. Ugh.
7. Doing something I am not good at or have no talent for is incredibly hard and frustrating for me.  Which is why it rarely happens.  And why marathon training is kicking my ass.
8. Race fees are getting out of hand.  Or I'm just really cheap.  It is probably the latter.
9. Just bought a skort and shorts from Athleta for no other reason then they were an additional 20% off. Oops. Never used their gear before, hope it doesn't suck!
10. Thinking of joining CAR for a track workout next Tuesday, and joining a 30 day women-only bootcamp. I just need help stepping it up.
11. I'm going to try it a few more times, but I might be the only person out there who doesn't like Nuun. What should I try next?
12. All these facts seem to be about running in some fashion so to mix it up.....BOOBS.
13. I am a child.
14. I need to buy my lunch today because I haven't gone to a grocery store in ages.  Suggestions? Keep in mind I need something to fuel for a long run tomorrow.
15. I have a great list of blog ideas thanks to you all and I can't seem to actually execute any of them. Sorry!
16. I really want to do a DC blogger meetup, I'd like to meet these fast chicks I keep reading about HINT HINT.
17. Cats will destroy your hallways carpets while you are gone and act like nothing happened.
18.  I'm developing a love for elephants, thanks to a dear friend.  I think they're becoming my spirit/power animal.
19. Is it a bad idea to run a trail 1/2 and not once set foot on a trail beforehand? Well, too late now.
20. I'm finally going to see the new Harry Potter this weekend, if I can stay awake in the theater! Woot!


  1. So much to comment on here! I've been in a funk too! I chalked it up to PMS. Sushi rolls for lunch? Maybe not. Yay for your A! Have fun at the movies this weekend. Loved reading more about you here!

  2. Yay for getting an A! And animals are evil! I spend half the morning cleaning up my dogs diarhea. YUCK!!

    Have a great weekend and goodluck with the 16 miles.

  3. CONGRATS on the A in your class. so glad the weather is starting to cooperate for you! and i think you will LOVE the trail run...definitely jealous :)