Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

1. I got up at 5 this morning to meet a new friend and CAR for an interval workout.  It went pretty well, but I am dog tired now.  We accidentally messed up one of the intervals we needed to do but it worked out because we were so toasted by the end that we wouldn't have made the full set anyways.  All said and done I got in 4.75 miles between warm up, intervals, recovery, and cool down.  I had another 8:30ish mile similar to the tempo run I'd done the week before and that made me happy.  My 800 splits were meh and the 400s were better but there is definite room for improvement.  I was still able to get to work on time, more or less, so I might do this again next week. At this point I'm open to anything that helps my training.  Looks like my only off day this week might be Friday, but I'm ok with that.  I need to push hard this week and see what happens.

2. Compression socks.  You have them, I want them. I've been itching to try some out for a while now and I'm finally ready to purchase.  I really want to hear from you about the brand you use and why you like it, so I can make an informed decision.  I've been having some shin tenderness lately and I want to nip it in the bud, aside from the general fact that my legs could use a little extra love from all the miles I'm logging.  And...I love any excuse to shop, especially for running related goodies!

3. I honestly don't have a third tangent today.  My brain is stuck on running and shopping for running clothes. I'm in love with some of the things on Lululemon's website but they are so expensive.  Depending on what time I get out of work I might stop at Marshall's/TJ Maxx on the way home and do some scouting.  I checked another location over the weekend but it was a bust.  Any other suggestions for finding deals on running gear?


  1. Yay! So glad you went! And I love my CEP compression socks.

  2. I bought Asics compression socks because I am to cheap to buy the CEP ones that I really wanted. I am trying to avoid Lululemon's website right now. I really wish their stuff wasn't so expensive, it is so cute.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself on Tuesday! I usually try to meet everyone, I'm glad you came, hope you'll come back!

    I love my Sugoi http://revelsports.com/sugoi/94977u.asp, I now have 3 pairs. I spent a fortune for the 2XU and I have CEP. They seem to be too tight in the calf, where Sugoi has a little more flexibility in that area. I love them most for recovery, I sleep in them the night before all my hard workouts.