Thursday, August 18, 2011

triple tangent thursday

Or, why does this week suck, in three parts.

1. School is damn expensive and while it may be overly dramatic I feel like my heart is going to break over this credit card debt due to tuition.  Long story short, I am taking classes that earn credit that count towards the degree but I am not officially enrolled (yet) so I don't qualify for financial aid.  Hence tuition payments on a credit card. I just feel trapped by the balance and since money doesn't grow on trees all I can do is pay what I can when I can and try not to get overwhelmed. So far, it isn't working. I need to remember the long term goal of having an MA but so far it is little consolation. The only temporary solution I can think of, as my next payment looms, is that I open another credit card that offers a temporary 0% rate for a few months, and charge the tuition to that.  See if not having monthly fees on top of the balance helps me breath. Thoughts?

2. Everything feels gray this week. Just...blah. My runs have been meh.  My energy is meh.  My level of giving a shit about anything at all has been meh. And since I can't put a finger on something specific, I'm just wallowing in the murky meh-ness of it all and hoping next week hurries up.  At least I am not anxious or worried about my run this weekend. All 18 miles of it. I'm either actually ready for it, or the meh-ness of everything makes me too gray to care.

3. These just arrived at work and a teeny tiny smile crept on my face. New Kinvaras will have to wait until Tuesday's track workout. Zensah compression sleeves will be on my legs in 3.....2........1......


  1. I love those shoes. I am always stuck buying the same ugly pair because of the "support" i need. Love the compression gear as well. I hope you week gets less grey. When I am not looking forward to a long run I think to myself.... just take it 1 mile at a time. usually that helps. sometimes. GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of you


  2. I need arch support because mine are really hi but I'm hoping these will work. They were in the same "neutral" category as my clunkier current shoes. Guess the only way to really know is to try. I hope to have a report on them next Tuesday after my track workout. And thanks for the kind thoughts, it really means a lot to me. Sometimes it is only the commentors here that really get what I'm going through, not the people in my daily life.

  3. oh man. I've been there. the meh-ness. Wish i could offer advice on the tuition/credit card thing but I'm the last person to give financial advice. Fall is coming. that always makes me happy :) hope things get brighter soon!

  4. Ugh, tuition is never a nice topic! I had loans for everything and it was tough. It will get easier, I promise!!