Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1. I am wearing my purple compression sleeves under my khakis at work right now and have no plans to take them off EVER.
2. I don't know anyone's phone number except my parents. If I lost my cell phone, I'd be screwed.
3. I don't understand the symbols for laundry that are printed on some of my clothes. What do they mean??!!
4. I've owned my car for 6 years and still need to doublecheck which side the fuel door is on.
5. Combining potato chips, american cheese, and mustard makes a delicious snack.
6. I check the oven knobs before I leave the house almost every day and will go back if I forget.
7. I'm scared to ride my bike to work and I wish someone would do it with me the first time.
8. I don't care what they say, my fingernails are indeed tools.
9. I look forward to be the cranky old bat when I'm 90. HA!
10. I should change the sheets on my bed more often.  Or do more laundry in general.
11. I'm actually nervous to try out my new running shoes. I don't know why.
12. Last week I briefly considered signing up for my second marathon and I haven't run my first yet.
13. My office desk drawer currently has 7 different flavors of tea bags in it.
14. There are no jobs for me in Virginia. None. I'm doomed to have a 1 hour DC commute.
15. My sister and I are contemplating running at 5k at 6 pm on the same day we race a 1/2 in the morning. Idiots.
16. My fridge is full of half-meals. As in, I don't ever seem to buy everything needed to make something, just a bunch of crap that looks good but never really combines into anything.
17. I'll spend $23 on a bag of cat food without batting an eye but $5.00 for a decent block of cheese freaks me out.
18. I don't always shower after an intense workout.  Sometimes air drying and slapping on extra deodorant is the best I can do.
19. I feel compelled to always make it to an even 20 with these weekly facts.
20. I think I'm the only person who does not wish they could relive high school or college days. I just didn't have a good time.


  1. compression sleeves are amazing. i wish i had a pair for my butt.

  2. I check the oven knobs too, and the toaster.

  3. love compression sleeves!!! i bet you and your sis will have fun at those races...go for it!

  4. Where do you live? I'd try to meet up with you somewhere and ride into the city one day! Riding in traffic is a bit scary, but SO much better than driving every day. Ick.

  5. If you'd like, you can drive over and park at my house, and I can escort you in the first morning. And then we could do your house the next day or something. We can even arrange to meet Beth :) Also I would never dream of reliving high school and college. They were fine, especially college, but my life now is awesome! And I didn't know Wes back then.

  6. Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run, pretty much. I know I can take 4 mile to Mt Vernon and over 14th Street but it is after that where I start to freak. I keep telling myself to do a test ride on a Saturday or Sunday.

  7. Proud to be an idiot! I'll have to try your compression sleeves out when I'm down for the races. I don't check the stove knobs, but will unlock the front door to go back and check the curling iron if I'm not positive I've unplugged it.