Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm not counting this as one of the T's, so there! This is your daily reminder to enter my giveaway.  You've got  until Thursday July 7 to do so, and I'll announce the winner on Friday.  $25 to spend on your heart's desire is just one comment away :)

1.  I really hope that when I get home tonight the bathtub will no longer have 6 inches of standing water in it and the toilet will have stopped leaking all over the floor. Perfect timing since I just signed a new one-year lease on Saturday, right?  So far all my experiences with the maintenance staff through the condo association has been really great so my expectations are pretty high right now that all will be back to normal before bed.  I can deal with a leaky toilet, even if I do have to empty at least a gallon-sized bowl of water into the sink everything morning.  I cannot, however, continue to shower with standing water.  Ew.  It drains eventually, but as soon as the you turn the faucet on the tub fills up and it goes downhill from there.

2. Running.  I'm not sure I have the energy for a tangent on running.  And it would be the usual crap that I'm trying to avoid saying and thinking nowadays.  I went for my first "not so sick" run today and the Q word was in my head the whole time.  And not just for that run, for running in general. Seriously. This seemingly endless streak of suck is really testing my patience.  I need an injection of positive thinking, stat.  Where is Kara Goucher when you need her!?  I'm going to keep plugging away at it this week, assuming that each run will be a little better than the last.

3.  My new crazy schedule.  1 week down, 3 to go!  If they continue to go as fast as last week did, this whole thing will be over before I know it.  My second essay is due tomorrow and my first test is also tomorrow. Despite the general malaise of today, I think I've been managing pretty well.  I spent Sunday night and most of  Monday reading, writing, and studying.  I have band tonight right after work (auditioning new guitarists), so I needed to get as much done  yesterday as I could.  I'll be reviewing my notes tonight and tomorrow on the bus, and putting the final touches on my essay during my lunch break tomorrow.  I've got a few things planned for when this experience is all over, including a massage, a professional house cleaning (yay groupon) and a 4 day trip to Florida.  Until then, I'm living vicariously through this lazy little one:


  1. Totally feel you on living vicariously through your pet! haha. I live vicariously through my dog all the time. she does not know how lucky she is sometimes ;)

    So sorry to hear about your run experience. I can totally relate there as well. i have been feeling the same way lately :( But kinda came to the same conclusion...just gonna keep going and hope that eventually I just have a confidence boosting run that pulls me out. Hopefully we can get through this together...right? Honestly today I just decided to go run at the gym on the TM. Usually I HATE the TM but I know I can push myself on it so that is what I did. I just did some repeats at speeds where I did not have time to think negatively and actually felt a lot better after. Too bad I can't do that every day...haha!

    Hang in there! Pulling for you and hoping that things will get better!

  2. Haha my cat basically just lays down all day long. I'd like to stay home with him and chill all day some times.