Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shopping Saturday

Me and my alarm clock have got to call a truce.  Or I need to be less of an idiot, one or the other.  It went off on time at 4:30 this morning but instead of hitting snooze I managed to turn it off.  I woke up again at 5:30, thank god, which is the time I should be heading out the door to meet up with my running group. I raced around the house, chowed down breakfast in the car, and somehow managed to make it to the meeting spot just before 6.  So, twelve miles.  Yeah......I did them.  And I had new company as well, which was beyond appreciated.  This little firecracker named Lien came up and introduced herself after the first few miles and told me she had just finished completing her 50 States. YEAH, she's a badass.  She stuck with me for most of the run, asking me questions about my training and giving tons of advice.  It helped keep my mind from what seemed like an impending meltdown.  I'd done 6 last Saturday and only 3 this week up until this morning, so I wasn't sure how I'd hold up. The only thing that has me concerned at this point is the amount of pain I was in by the end.  Something is definitely jacked up with my hips.  I'm guessing I just need to incorporate some strengthening exercises so for now I'm going to thumb through some back issues of Runners World and see what I find.  But I do have the number of a new physical therapist on waiting on speed dial in case it comes to that.
After the run I came home and got caffeinated.  It didn't seem like a nap was in the cards so I decided to shower and head back out the door.  I had an exchange to make at the mall and that little trip turned into some retail therapy.  Oops.  One hour and $xxx later, I've got 2 new bras, 2 pairs of shorts, and 4 new tops. That little haul includes a new outfit for my gig tonight.  Just didn't like what my choices were with what I already had.
I've got a couple hours to kill before I need to head to my gig, so I'm on the couch working my way through season 2 of Burn Notice.  After the gig I'll be hitting up a local wine bar for some snacks and drinks.  After that, who knows.  Honestly, as long as there is a bed in my near future, I don't care what I do.  My hips/glutes hurt, despite stretching and foam rolling, so I'm going to dose up on some anti-inflammatories and hope for the best.  I'll be on my feet for 3 hours tonight regardless of how I feel so keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm looking forward to the gig tonight, it's been over a month since the last one and we're debuting a few new songs tonight.  If you're local, please come out!  JV's at the intersection of 50 and Annadale Road in Falls Church, VA.  Hope you are all having a great Saturday!

Did you have a work out or a long run today?  What are the rest of your weekend plans?  Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. so glad you were able to get your run in and to have something to keep your mind off the miles! sorry to hear about your hip though...i seem to be experiencing at least a similar nagging problem. It comes and goes so I usually just stick with foam rolling, squats with no weight at least once per week, ibuprofen, and stretching! good luck! hope it feels better quickly!

  2. Woohoo on making your LR!! I only did 4 miles, but... it was after a 9 hour car ride in 100% humidity and 200% bugs. Isn't there always suppose to be wind at the beach? Had bugs every where bugs shouldn't be.

    I have the same trouble with my hips when I run longer than 4 miles. I'm hoping it will go away eventually. Foam rolling, stretching, and drugs help. If that doesn't work there's always beer!

  3. I had a great day of flying today, and got home late. This will make the 0530 wakeup tomorrow morning difficult, but I'll plan on doing 12+ tomorrow.

    There was just no way that I would be able to do that this morning. My quads were quite sore from the 18 miles I've already done this week so far.

    I'm glad you got past your "I hate running" phase this week.