Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mile Markers

"I wish women could be more like this in other areas of life.  I wish we could always support each other without comparing. I wish we could always allow others to be sad without trying to fix it. I wish we could always be happy for someone else without seeing the holes in our own lives.  I wish we could always share in another's gratitude for good fortune instead of poisoning it with our own regret. I wish we could always laugh together without our mirth coming at the expense of someone else. I wish we could always lift each other up without having to be on top.  I wish we could always applaud others' gifts without pining.  I wish we could always freely celebrate our own gifts without feeling the need to play small."


  1. Thanks for suggesting this book! And I'm so glad you wrote to me because for some reason you were not on my blog roll even though I am following you so I was missing out!

  2. Megan, it is from a book called Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong. She's a contributing editor and blogger for Runners World. I'm only halfway through the book but I'm really enjoying it. I got mine from the local library but you can read more about it here on Amazon.