Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Friday Facts

1.  Yesterday I forget to wash the conditioner out of my hair and it was greasy/crunchy all day.

2.  I have a bad habit of using my office desk chair as a napkin.  I blame Abigail.

3.  I have a gig tomorrow night and am pretty sure I'm going to forget the words to at least one of our new songs.

4.  I set up airfare alerts from Kayak for awesome places I have no plans to actually travel to.

5.  Consuming an entire box of instant mashed potatoes is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

6.  I always wait until my credit card statement closes for the month before making a big purchase because it makes it seem like I'll get an extra month before I need to actually pay for it.

7.  I hate reading "shit lit" and I judge people that do. Yup, I'm a bitch.

8.  There is always at least one half-eaten chocolate bar in my desk at work at all times.

9.  I check out 4-5 books at a time from the library and never read them all before they're due back.

10.  I can't sleep with socks on.  Cannot.

11.  The space underneath my desk at work is full of various boxes from my online shopping "problem."

12.  The idea of running in the heat during this time of year literally brings me to tears.

13.  I secretly dream of selling off all my possessions and moving away to start a new life with a new identity.

14.  I don't try new things that I'm interested in solely because I know I won't immediately be awesome at it.

15.  I feel like I have another "gear" when I run that is actually pretty darn fast but I can't figure out how to tap into it and sustain it.

16.  I believe in, and have seen, ghosts.

17.  The person I text most is my mother. And it's awesome.

18.  Giving up regular use of Facebook has still not broken my habit of framing my inner thoughts as potential status updates.

19. I'm more inclined to just buy new underwear instead of actually doing a load of laundry.

20.  I just stuck a piece of tape on my face and I have no idea why.


  1. ha ha you make me laugh. Love the random facts. I agree about running in the heat. It makes me want to cry too!

  2. ahhhhhhh! agreed. cannot wear socks to sleep. also...i use my desk chair as a napkin too...the other day i was totally wondering why i could not just go and get a freaking napkin. haha. sending you bunches of positive thoughts for your LR this weekend!

  3. I feel like I need to comment on so many of these!

    1. OMG!

    7. What is shit lit? Just shitty books?

    12. I HATE running in the heat! I did it yesterday around 5:30 and wanted to walk so bad.

    14. I am the same way! (Which is why I NEVER go bowling!)

    20. LMAO!

  4. I'm totally with you on #13, but I feel sad about #14. I'm terrible at 9/10 things that I try. Like, terrible terrible but at least now I know for sure!

  5. Aw thanks, Beth. I'm trying to be a better trier. Right now it is with marathon training, which I am really really bad at, but still plugging away. Hope there is another DC blogger meetup soon, I want to meet all the great gals I'm reading about.