Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Friday Facts

Here is your latest installment of random facts about me.  We're going to be besties at the rate we're going!

1.  Once I get to work in the morning it takes me a solid hour to wake up, settle in, and start working.  That hour  includes coffee, making breakfast, checking personal emails and blogs, and general nonworkness.

2.  I've owned my car for almost 6 years now and I still can't remember which side the fuel door is on.

3.  I've just been told to take over the social media and website functions for the band and haven't the slightest clue what to do.  Anyone know how to run and update a website? Eh...................

4.  I think I just told the company server to log off instead of quitting the program I was using on the server. Oops.

5. Grammar errors make me crazy.  There Their They're and Your You're have to be correct or I go nuts. However I still can't keep affect and effect straight.  Idiot.

6.  I love to eat mushrooms but only if they are cooked.  For some reason raw mushrooms = ew.

7.  I love the shoes I'm wearing today and wish they came in more colors.
8.  I did a load of laundry on Sunday night that had to be hung dry in the community laundry room.  It is still hanging there because I can't seem to get home this week before they lock the door at 10 pm.  Dammit.

9.  I get very specific food cravings.  Not just dessert in general, but cake.  Or brownies.  Or cookies. No substitutions allowed, it has to be what I want or nothing at all.  I am not above stopping at a bakery and getting a cake for myself to satisfy the craving.  Me, the cake, the couch, and a fork.  It happens.

10.  I'm running 14 miles tomorrow amidst other life demands that are making me a wee bit anxious. To try and head off a mid-run nervous breakdown I'm going to try running with the ipod for the first time. Suggestions for great distracting/mood enhancing songs would be appreciated.  So would company, if anyone is local (hint hint)!


  1. PS If you want to email me a song because you want to save me $1.29 on iTunes, hit up Or just to say hi. Whatever.

  2. AHH! I have those shoes! I love them :)

  3. Those shoes are awesome! Good luck on the 14 mile run tomorrow.

  4. I am obv many MANY days behind on blogs but LOVE the RFFs!