Thursday, June 9, 2011


I guess the theme of 3TT today would be "things that are completely obvious." To me, anyways.

1.  99 degrees and 1 billion% humidity means you cannot pay me enough to run outside today.  I'll be at the gym. Yoga at 7 and then the elliptical afterwards.  It doesn't appear as though a break in the weather is coming any time soon either, so my long run on Saturday will be an interesting experience.  I definitely plan on being smarter about hydration than I was last week.  That sucked.

2.  A giant veggie burrito bowl is the most delicious thing in the world in addition to being the reason why those last 5 pounds refuse to go away.  I'll be adding "restraint" onto the long list of things I need to work on in my life.

3.  Job searching is a pain in the butt and a total time suck. Even at the best of times.  Nothing like sending out resumes and cover letters into the great beyond and getting nothing back.  I won't say how long I've been seriously looking but I am starting to get a little discouraged.  I am grateful that I have a job at all, as so many people do not right now.  But I had forgotten how demoralizing the process of finding a job can be.  Perhaps the DC area is particularly competitive, perhaps it is like this everywhere. Just trying to stay positive and hoping something good comes my way soon.  If you know of anything....

Are you planning on beating the heat today?  Do you have a favorite meal that eschews all your regular nutrition restrictions? Do you ever have cause to use the word "eschew" in a sentence? I just did. :)


  1. ummm that burrito bowl looks amazing! i would not say I have a favorite meal...well okay...mostly because I have lots of favorites like sesame chicken and fried rice and PIZZA. but the problem really is that I love homemade cookies. I bake all the time and could eat the whole batch! oops! hope the weather cooperates for your saturday run!

  2. Um that burrito looks to die for. I love me some good mexican food. I totally agree that job searching sucks! Good luck girl and have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Burrito bowls are the best. Totally worth the remaining 5 pounds.

  4. I go for the chicken/steak bowl. Best thing in the world. I CRAVE it. I know you don't want to hear this, but it has been so cool in CO. Last night at the baseball game I had on a coat and a blanket. Great running weather. Not to rub it in your 99 degree face or anything.

  5. That sounds so nice right now! I consider my face rubbed!