Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It isn't the biggest deal ever, but I'm really pumped.  I just had a great workout at the gym and I didn't quit when it got hard.  I just kept telling myself "I can I can I can" with every footfall and I did it. 

Mile Length Speed
0-1 1 mile 5.8
1.0-2.0 1 mile 6.9
2.0-2.75 .75 mile 5.8
2.75-3.5 .75 mile 6.9
3.5-4.0 .5 mile 5.8
4.0-4.5 .5 mile 6.9
4.5-4.75 .25 mile 5.8
4.75-5.0 .25 mile 6.9

Total time for 5 miles as 47:46.  I will TOTALLY take it.  Cut to blurry celebratory pictures! Deep boo-yah lunge and fist bump!

Thanks to Gourmet Runner for posting the original workout, I tweaked it a little for my slower pace. Do you love my messy hallway?  I do!  I should fire my maid, what a lazy bitch.  Oh wait, that's me. Damn.  Did anyone else have a highlight of their day, workout or other?  Rest day tomorrow, then back at it Thursday.  Have a GREAT night!


  1. Great job!! I'm proud of you!! I've become a bum the last week with school wrapping up for the summer, but tonight I started water aerobics. Nothing too difficult, but it's motivated me to get my ass back to the gym. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Love your self talk here...you can you can you can!! ;)

  3. Awesome workout! It always feels great to push yourself. Great job!

  4. congrats girl!!!! that is an awesome workout!