Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

If you've noticed my absence in the past few days, I'm sorry!  If you didn't then just carry on.  Friday night was quiet, just dinner and a load of laundry before crashing early.  My long run Saturday morning was ok.  I definitely felt all 12 miles but I didn't walk a single step.  My hips were bothering me well before the halfway point but I kept on moving forward.  Having company cannot be underestimated.  We didn't talk too much but her presence was enough to keep me moving.  And I will say that my pride wouldn't let me walk with someone else around either.  Finished, at another incredibly slow time, and headed home.  I'm glad that I'm still moving forward and logging miles.  I'm trying to remind myself that these long runs, as long as they may take, are meant just to log time on my feet.  Time is irrelevant, and I should be running a bit slower than my usual pace on this runs.  Each mile that went past was another one that I mentally put into a mileage bank. The thought seemed to help and I felt a little less obsessive about when the next mile would be over. 
After a quick breakfast and a pot of coffee, I headed over to Joe's to meet Kris for an afternoon of girl time.   We headed over to Georgetown and started off with sushi and cocktails.  After a few mojitos we decided it was time for some shopping.  We had fun trying on overpriced fashion and I caved and bought a shirt at a boutique I can't afford for no good reason.  After a few more stops and purchases we hit up Sweet Green so I could get my fro-yo fix.  Fat, happy, and broke, we called it a day.  After a quick stop back at Joe's, he and I headed to Old Town for dinner.  The place we wanted to go to had a 30 minute wait and we were both starving (fro-yo? what fro-yo?) so we headed to a great backup restaurant, Las Tapas.  Dinner was delicious and we had just enough room left to stop at Alexandria Cupcake before heading home for the night.  I managed to stay awake through a movie (Jackass 3, hilarious) but then it was time for bed.
Sunday morning (almost afternoon, oops) started with me baking a coffee cake for the two of us.  One cup of coffee and 3 slices later I was ready to burst.  We decided to get out for a little bit before hibernating the rest of the day and took a walk around Clarendon, poking into stores and stopping to get gelato (aka lunch) on the way back.  Half the day having been slept or eaten away,  I took care of a few errands and headed home for the duration.  I made a point of doing a quick bit of grocery shopping today with the intent to restock what I am now calling my "runners pantry."  I've been a little upset that I haven't seen my happy weight in a while and with my running ramping up my appetite is jumping to join in.  In addition to getting marathon ready I would really like to get back to that happy weight.  Hence the runners pantry.  I made a mental list of safe and healthy foods that I can keep in the house or at work that will fuel my running and help with the weight loss.  Strawberries, bananas, a nut mix, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen veggies, a few microwave meals (not that great, but easy for work and low cal), mini bagels, peanut butter, and granola bars.  At the very least this haul should get me through the week, combined with the meals that Stacie and I made last weekend.   Class starts tomorrow! Let the chaos begin :)
So, how was your weekend?  Do you have a few favorites that you like to stock in your runners pantry?  What else can I add to mine?  Wish me luck this week!


  1. I totally understand about running with someone...even if we are not talking it feels good to just know I have someone there! I really like bagel and sandwich thins...I always have those and at least 3 different types of PB on hand! haha!

    Good luck with class this week!

  2. Awesome job on getting a 12 mile run in! That is just great. You are definitely right that time does not matter is miles on the feet. Don't ever get caught up in pace for distance runs.

    I am with you on the happy weight. I really need to focus on eating healthier. Cheers to eating healthy!!

  3. Way to go on the 12 miles! At least you are closer to your happy weight than me. This is your first marathon, so time doesn't matter! Love ya!