Thursday, June 23, 2011


1.  I really REALLY want to get to 20 followers and when I do I'm going to do my first giveaway!  So if you like reading my blog and want to get in on my first giveaway, please give me a shout out on your own blog and send me some new friends :)  I think 1 in 20 odds are pretty good in terms of winning a giveaway, right??

2.  The Universe always provides.  Granted, it might not always make sense at the time.  Heck, it might even frustrate you to no end.  But everything happens for a reason and good things always come in time.  What am I talking about?  The best non-interview coffee date ever for a position that doesn't even exist yet.  But it could, eventually, and I want to be the person that does it.  Vague enough for everybody? Good!

3. Pondering the idea of finding a specialist who does ART to help with my hamstring.  I don't think I re-injured it but have been having a little pain as my training has progressed. I'd rather nip it in the bud then run on it for a month like I did when I originally injured it.  Finding someone who does ART, lives in the area, takes my insurance, won't cost me a million dollars, and isn't being investigated by the FBI (yes, my last PT was a shady mo-fo who also didn't fully fix my hammy) is going to be an interesting challenge.  So will finding the time to see someone in the first place.  Between work, school, training, the band, etc I'm running out of hours in the day. Sleep is, apparently, for suckers.


  1. Oops, sorry I wasn't already a follower! My friend does ART, let me know if you want his contact info. And I'll be out at the CAR tempo run tomorrow morning, if you'd like to join me!

  2. Hey Liz, yes please pass that info along! No tempo run for me tomorrow morning, resting before my long run Saturday. Hoping to get 5 miles in tonight, though. Fingers crossed!

  3. Like to job prospect!! Take it easy on the hammy and I hope you find someone to work out the issue.

  4. Yah! I'm your 20th follower! Found you through Gourmet Runner. I've also got a hammy issue that just doesn't seem to go away. Love your blog.