Tuesday, June 28, 2011


1. When diving into a new venture, whether it be personal, professional, or academic, it is best to know what you're signing up for ahead of time. Do your homework. In my case, my grad class started last night.  It is during the summer session, so everything is a bit more compact than a regular semester.  All told it will be 11 nights of class.  3 nights a week, for 3 hours a night.  6 essays, 3 tests, 1 research paper and all the required reading.  Eh.....yeah.  I knew I was going to be a busy girl but yikes! Luckily band practice was cancelled for tonight because my first essay is due tomorrow and I wouldn't have had any other time to do it! I did a little reading when I got home last night and more on the bus this morning.  Probably bagging my lunch hour run today to do more reading (more on bagging the run to follow).  Learning to balance all this is going to be a great experience for me.  And I can do anything for four weeks, right?  Thank god Stacie helped me cook enough food last weekend to feed an army.  My freezer is stocked with dinners for the duration. Friends are awesome!

2. I'm now one of those special people who catches a summer cold.  What the hell!?  So, regardless of the demands of my class this week, should I go run today or not?  It is 90 degrees and humid.  I can't breathe through my nose but I don't have a fever.  I remember there being some kind of protocol to running when you have a cold.  Something about not doing it if it settled into your chest, which is not the case for me.  I just don't know which is more important, continuing to log miles before my next long run on Saturday or taking a day to rest and see if the cold is better tomorrow?  If I don't go today it will be my third rest day in a row. Not cool.  But my body could be telling me that I need the rest, hence the sickness. Honestly, I have no clue what to do and I'll listen to whatever advice you've got for me! 

3. I'm at 16 followers!  4 more until my first giveaway!  Seriously, thanks for following me.  I will love you forever if you give me a shout out on your blog and send more readers my way.  I might even give you extra entries into the giveaway if you do so. Once I figure out how you guys calculate entries and pick a winner, that is. :)  I'm really impressed by how many followers that my dear blog friends have accumulated and I welcome advice that anyone has to give about making my blog better. I definitely want to post more pictures, I'm just not sure what to post pictures of.  The last time I ran with my phone to take pictures I sweated so much that I broke the touch screen. Oops.

P.S. Why am I still so hungry despite having a cold? I can't even taste the damn food.  What a waste!


  1. So close to 20 followers, yay! I really think pictures are great, the more I put in a post the more I think people want to read it!
    I'm always hungry when I'm sick--I always say my bodies needs more calories to heal and get better.

  2. P.S.--sent your blog some love in my latest post! Maybe it will get you to 20? Fingers crossed!

  3. Vanessa sent me! I am now following you! I am just getting over a nasty summer cold too. Hope you feel better soon!
    My best advice to getting more followers in get out there and comment on other people's blog, pretty soon they will follow you back. Good luck, you blog is cute and a fun read.