Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yesterday's workday was blissfully cut short thanks to the ridiculous heat.  The power grid that my office building is on totally failed, so we got sent home rather than slowly suffocating in our cubicles.  Huzzah!  This morning I actually forgot that it might not have been fixed yet, so I was on the bus before I decided to text my co-worker to see what was up.  She had gotten to the office ahead of me and found that it was indeed closed!  So I hopped off the bus, got back on another bus, and headed straight to Starbucks.  Coffee in hand I went home and plotted out this unexpected day off.  I'm actually being productive-ish.  I did a load of laundry and just got home from the gym.  5 miles on the treadmill in 51:21 and then 10 miles on the bike.  Here is the aftermath, I know you're just dying to see my hot sweaty body!

Back home, time for lunch (I'm starving!) and who knows what else.  I ran out of detergent so I can't do any more laundry. Darn.  Guess I'll just have to stream Netflix through the Wii and bask in the AC until its time to head over to Joe's for the night.  Not thrilled to have lost a day of work in an already short week, but there is no way I could have gotten in that long a workout otherwise so I'll take it.  All I need to make this day complete is a pool to read next to for the rest of the afternoon, but a girl can dream.  Hope your Wednesday is going well!  What are you looking forward to later this week?  Any good workout plans?  What are the odds on me going to work tomorrow?

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  1. An unexpected day off can be nice, and you fit in an awesome workout--great!