Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend update

Hi all, I hope your weekend is going well!  I continue to sweat my butt off here but that will be par for the course until September.  Friday was a rest day, aside from some yoga.  Yesterday was my second MCM training long run.  10 miles up and back through Rock Creek Park to the zoo.   The first 5 was alright, but again I found that I wasn't hydrated enough.  Shortly after the turn around I knew I'd be in trouble.  I polished off the rest of the liquids I had left with more than 4 miles left to go.  At that point my hips started to ache pretty seriously, so I ended up taking several long walk breaks.  Luckily, I ran into a water stop for a race that was going on in the area and the volunteers graciously gave me a bottle.  I must have looked pretty desperate.  The other bonus was having a partner for the duration of the run.  Another woman from the running group, whose name I cannot recall, stayed with me.  I was very grateful for the company and she said she was grateful for a reason to stop and walk.  We made it back to home base in an embarassingly slow time and the rest of the group was waiting with snacks, water, and high fives all around.

I'm glad that I've got another long run under my belt, regardless of how it went, and next week is another 10 miles.  This time I know the trail, so I have that in my favor.  The challenge will be the middle section because it is the Custis trail up to Stafford Street and back.  A great hill workout but always intimidating.  The runs also move from a 7 am start to a 6 am start so I'll get to see what 4:30 am in VA looks like.  Oy. It is all worth it in the end, right?  Small sacrifices.   The rest of yesterday was spent licking my wounds via breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, a nap at Joe's place, and then seeing Phish at Merriweather Post.  Today is Phish round 2, this time seats near the stage instead of lounging out on the lawn.  I'm not a Phish fan but Joe is and he really wanted to share this experience with me.  I liked some of the songs last night and I'm hoping to hear more that I like tonight.  Either way, it has definitely been an interesting experience.   And tailgating is always fun, wherever you are. :) Anyone else out there into the jam band scene?  What activity or event have you taken an interest in on behalf of a significant other?  Am I going to get to work on time tomorrow morning after rolling in around 1 a.m.?

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