Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

No theme.  Just how I feel about today.  Put in a full day of work plus a little after hours socializing. Got in a run during the oppressive humidity this afternoon. Ew is all I have to say about that.  I left my watch at home these past two runs in the off chance that I ease up on myself a bit in regards to speed.  I'm pretty jealous, honestly, of how fast my fellow bloggers run.  And I know that in the end I control how I let those posted times make me feel.  I certainly do not begrudge my fellow runners their talent and successes.  I know how fickle running can be so I truly appreciate each person for their efforts and the awesome results.  I just can't stop myself from wanting to be faster and able to run farther.  For thinking those improvements would make me a "better" runner. Since I'm getting sick of being down on myself I decided to leave the damn watch at home.  I'll check out the distance after the fact but right now the last thing I need to be worrying about is time.  I'm still looking for that aha moment when running become fun again.   Maybe I'll have a break through moment on my long run this weekend.  I'll certainly have the time to obsess reflect on it during those 12 miles.

Right now I'm home in the comfortable air-conditioning of my living room, lying back on the finally fully paid for chaise lounge, and enjoying a glass of wine with these two monkeys:

One wants food. NOW.  Even though he was just fed.  The other is kneeding my stomach in hopes of lying down on me and completely impeding the blogging process.  Kids.  I'm going to spend the next 30 minutes or so before bed reading a bit, just me and "Running On Empty."  Perspective, here I come.


  1. Love those kitties! Sometimes I leave the watch at home and just run "naked" too--it's less stressful that way for sure!

  2. Good job on getting a run in and remember that running should be enjoyable. Stressing about pace/distance takes the enjoyment out of it.

    Your cats are too cute. :)