Friday, June 3, 2011

Faux pas Friday

Yep, here we go.  Everyone, all of my precious followers who I love and adore and am so grateful to have, please take a moment and rack your brain. What did you do this week to generally embarrass or make yourself look like a total ass?  Come on now, we all have at least one of these moments a week and we cannot take ourselves too seriously.  Me?  I was at the gym on Wednesday, dragging my butt through 5 miles on the treadmill.  I noticed a lot of things during that time. Endless seconds ticking away on the timer, the little arrow slowly circling the track on the treadmill dashboard, the sounds of people speeding up behind me.  What I did NOT notice was that I was creeping closer and closer to the back of the treadmill, aka the no-no zone.  Apparently your shoes make a special kind of sound once they reach that little space between the treadmill's edge and oblivion. Thank god for that sound, as it sent me flailing forward, arms akimbo, to avoid what I am sure would have been an epic face plant followed by the cancellation of my gym membership.  I have no doubt that I entertained everyone on the row of machines behind me, there was just no way to look cool and recover from that.

So that is my moment for the week, although I suppose there is still time for something to come along and top it.  The weather outside is amazing and I am so tempted to sneak a run in.  I shouldn't, I'm getting up at 5:30 tomorrow for my first MCM training long run and I want to feel as fresh as possible.  But dammit, the temperature is finally tolerable and the breeze doesn't feel like its wafting from a hellmouth. Le sigh.  So I'll wrap up work, go home, do some laundry, watch more Dexter and go to bed.  Company is more than welcome, I'd love someone to talk to besides the kids.  No, seriously. Pleasebemyfriend.


  1. Oh no! That is seriously my worst fear--falling off the treadmill. I swear it will happen to me eventually. This week's faux pas? Yesterday I went to trivia night at a local restaurant, and they read the answers to the questions as each round goes by. I started cheering because I thought I got the right answer, when hubs grabbed my arm. Apparently he was still reading the question, not the answer. And I got it wrong anyway. Nothing like 40 people staring at you to make you feel dumb, haha!
    Oh--the best LaraBar flavors (I think) are cinnamon roll and carrot cake. So good!

  2. hahaha! I actually did just about the same thing during my TM run this week...except it was when i was WALKING during my cooldown. I totally zoned out and then suddenly realized I was on the back end of the TM. DUH.

    Good luck on your run tomorrow!!!! woo hoo! that is exciting!

  3. ha ha you are so funny. I would totally hangout with you if I lived closer. I feel like my Friday nights are always so boring lately because I know I will be running in the morning and therefore cannot do anything fun right?

    I am always doing stupid things like every house of the day. Today I went to the bathroom and realized my zipper was down. oops!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Good luck on your run tomorrow! It's supposed to be very cool, so that should make it a pleasant run. No major oops moments here, odd. My oops are a little more embarrassing when done in front of 24 9 year olds, who laugh no matter what.

  5. You only want one embarrassing thing? Now that MAY be only find one.

    Enjoy your long run!

  6. first off, i LUV the title of your blog...i think mostly because i just love saying the word knickers! awww, you poor thing on the treadmill, but don't worry, i am constantly making a fool of myself. i should be evicted from society in general. hehe.

    good luck on your run tomorrow!! long runs are always my fav. :)